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November 6, 2016 / Food Follower

Chilling in Charleston

Although I love fall in NYC, I miss Charleston – the warmer weather, the slower pace of live, and most of all, the food.

Here are some of my food highlights from my stay in Charleston:

1) Lunch at Husk – pretty much everyone I spoke to whose been to Charleston told me to eat at Husk.  I was disappointed when we couldn’t get a reservation for dinner at Husk, even though we tried to reserve a couple of months in advance.  We ended up attempting to go there for lunch with no reservation which seemed risky given the restaurant’s popularity.  We arrived at Husk around noon and only had to wait 15-20 minutes, and the wait was well worth it!

They started us off with these delicious bread rolls with coarse salt and I think sesame seeds on top.


The fried chicken was crisp and came with a yummy side of faro, tomatoes, and other veggies.


The cornbread there is a must! They bake the cornbread in bacon fat, which should be illegal because it tastes so good.


2) Brunch at Eli’s Table – we sat outside in the garden at Eli’s Table, which felt very peaceful.  I ordered the crab and egg, which came with crab cakes, poached eggs, arugula, and breakfast potatoes.  I loved breaking the yokes of the poached eggs and eating the runny yoke with the crispy crab cakes.


3) Lunch at Fleet Landing – definitely go here for the view.  The food is also good, but the view is what makes this spot.  I ordered the herb-encrusted baked cod with lemon dill shallot butter, string beans and red rice.


Now will be a wave of desserts/pastries:

4) Bourbon Pecan Pie at Kaminsky’s – seriously this was the best pecan pie I’ve ever had.


5) Biscuits at Callie’s Biscuits – they had both savory and sweet options, but I opted for the sweet options because I am a sweet tooth.  The left-most biscuit was a cinnamon biscuit and the other two were filled with blackberry jam.


6) I wish I remember the name of the coffee shop where I ate this biscuit because it was very delicious!


7) Pistachio and raisin danish at the Charleston Farmers Market


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