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Cold Cucumber Soup

Roasted Tomato Soup

Udon Noodle Soup

Vegetable Stock

Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta

Arugula Salad with Beets and Portobello Mushrooms

Grilled Fennel and Toasted Chickpea Salad

Summer Rolls

Summertime Salad

Sunset Salad

Cannellini Bean Salad on Endives


Fish Tacos (click here for flour tortilla recipe)

Roasted Chilean Sea bass with Peas, Parsnips, and Carrots

Pasta with Walnut Pesto, Chicken, and String beans

Soba Noodles with Mushrooms, Edamame, and Snow Peas

Pasta Primavera

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Almond Crusted Snapper and Soba Noodles with Brussels Sprouts

Honey Soy Glazed Arctic Char with Roasted Vegetables

Chicken Stir-Fry

Grilled Swordfish with Lemon Basil Sauce

Pizza with Grilled Chicken, Baby Arugula, and Tomato


Honey Maple Turkey, Brie, and Granny Smith on Raisin Bread

Mozzarella and Prosciutto

Turkey with White Bean Spread

Mashed Avocado with Edamame

Honey Mustard Chicken

The Rainbow

Sides and Sauces
Summer Sautéed Vegetables

Vegetable Medley

Grilled Eggplant with Tomato and Basil

Pea and Mint Pesto

Mustard Yogurt Sauce


Espresso Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

Almond Cake with Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote

Mini Carrot Muffins

Chocolate Covered Bananas

Frozen Grapes

Healthy “Banana Split”

Green Tea and Chocolate Chip Loaf

Zucchini Bread

Strawberry and Raspberry Rhubarb with Granola

Walnut and Cranberry Biscotti

Lemon Rosemary Biscotti

Pecan-Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


Jam Cookies

Pretzel Cookies

Apple Tart

Blueberry Pie

Raspberry Jam Pie


Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

Candied Pecans

Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

Sweet “Breakfast” Sandwich

Strawberry-Blueberry Ice Pops

Raspberry-Rhubarb Ice Pops

Honey and Nut Granola

Buckwheat Crisps


Raspberry Lemonade

Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Peach and Raspberry Iced Tea


Baked Oatmeal with Blueberries, Pecans, and Walnuts

Strawberry-Raspberry Jam


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  1. mybeautfulthings / Jul 7 2012 11:24 am

    Thank you for calling in and liking one of my posts I’ve put two new recipes up this afternoon that you might like. I’ll be following you with interest! 🙂

    • Food Follower / Jul 7 2012 2:38 pm

      Thank you so much! I will be sure to check them out.

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