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January 3, 2012 / Food Follower

Peruvian Wood-fired Chicken

Yesterday, my parents and I paid a visit to Granja Azul, a restaurant about 30 minutes away from Lima which has been serving roasted chicken for over half a century. Since it was Monday, the restaurant was mostly empty, but on a Sunday, you will find this restaurant teeming with hungry people.

The menu is not extensive, so we all ordered a “Lunch Ejecutivo,” a meal including rolls that came in a cute basket shaped like a hen, anticuchos, half a roasted chicken, salad, and french fries. Anticuchos are a typical Peruvian dish and are just skewers with small pieces of grilled meat (generally beef heart). Granja Azul served us anticuchos of beef heart and chicken liver. I will be completely honest- I just tried them to write about them in this blog, and they certainly were not my favorite. Nevertheless, the locals love anticuchos, and I do not want to dissuade you from trying them. Animal organs are just not my thing.

The chicken was very flavorful but a little on the dry side. The salad was plain and came with tomatoes, and the fries were good.Overall, the lunch was substantial but nothing outstanding. The outdoor seating surrounded by beautiful scenery made up for my minor disappointment with the food. Still, if you have a short stay in Peru, I do not recommend making the effort to eat at Granja Azul. If you want juicy and succulent chicken, try Pardos Chicken. Though the ambience is not great, who cares if the food is delicious?

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