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February 4, 2012 / Food Follower

Tea Time in Switzerland

Last March, I experienced some of the best skiing in Zermatt, a village in Switzerland. Though I admit I am thrilled that there is no snow on campus at the moment, I still fondly remember my skiing adventures in Europe and continue to look at my computer desktop which is the following picture:

The Snowy Matterhorn, a mountain in Zermatt

Besides the skiing, I miss the delicious Swiss food. (This is a food blog, so obviously, I had to mention food at one point in this post). The town of Zermatt is very small and has less thank 6,000 inhabitants. If you go to Zermatt , you will see that it is mostly a tourist destination. Nevertheless, the town is very charming and though small, has a bounty of delicious bakeries.

My favorite bakery was Café Fuchs. (Yes, that’s really the name).

Café Fuchs

As I entered the welcoming café, I was drawn to the glass counter where I saw numerous delicious looking treats. The dessert I ordered is in the following shot. Can you guess what it is?

I ate the smiley face linzer cookie accompanied with a frothy and comforting hot chocolate. A perfect afternoon snack after a day out on the slopes.

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