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February 13, 2012 / Food Follower

No Excuse, Except that it’s Pad Thai!

Again, not a very flattering picture, but doing my best with the limited resources I have. Today, I really had no excuse for ordering food and not going to the cafeteria for lunch. Usually on Mondays, I have a very small time slot to grab lunch, and unfortunately, it’s when the dining hall is packed. (It doesn’t help that my college has only one cafeteria). Those days, I don’t feel bad if I buy food from town.

However, one of my classes was cancelled today, so I could have easily gone to Valentine (the name of Amherst’s dining hall, and coincidentally the holiday tomorrow). It was just one of those days where I did not feel like going to the cafeteria for lunch. (Actually, those days are quite frequent, but generally, I force myself to go).

Instead, I ate delicious chicken pad thai from Fresh Side, one of the restaurants in the town of Amherst. When I go to Fresh Side with friends over the weekend, I order a couple of tea rolls to start and also one of the many delicious entrées they serve, one of them being chicken pad thai.

Whether I order in or go out, Fresh Side is a great restaurant that I like to frequent.

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