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March 20, 2012 / Food Follower

A Day Full of Good Eats

For lunch, my mom and I went to one of my haunts, a Vietnamese restaurant called Vermicelli. I love the food, and their lunch is pretty cheap. For around $8, I order a huge bowl of barbecue chicken with vermicelli (which I always finish). It comes with some sort of chicken soup which today had cabbage, kale, and egg white.

Next, we headed over to Nespresso to buy some more coffee. After our purchase, they gave us a free espresso with a chocolate.

As if i didn’t have enough to eat, when I got home around 4PM, I made green tea in my new mug (isn’t the rooster adorable?) and had an apple with peanut butter and some of my leftover granola.

Tonight, I am seeing one of my friends, and we are going to a Mexican restaurant. If I am up for it, I will order a burrito, but right now, it seems like I will opt for a chopped salad.

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