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June 26, 2012 / Food Follower

Out and About in NYC: From Scaling the Brooklyn Bridge to Eating at Alice’s Tea Cup

I put the picture of the chocolate chip mocha cake from Alice’s Tea Cup first even though that was the last event of my day. This cake was so good! The mocha frosting was delicious but not overwhelming, and I enjoyed the chocolate chips interspersed in the cake. (I even shared this with a couple of friends, so you are witnessing portion control right there!)

This fine morning, one of my friends (who also was at Alice’s Tea Cup with me) and I decided to leave the island of Manhattan and embark on a journey to Brooklyn. With no real plans in mind, we took the subway and got off at the first stop in Brooklyn. We walked around Brooklyn and eventually decided to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and head back to Manhattan. (I hadn’t walked on the bridge since elementary school, so it was a nice experience).

We ended up in downtown Manhattan and meandered there for a few miles freestyling. (We are just spontaneous people). We got hungry (of course you know I would), so we found a cute American restaurant. We picked a table outside, prime for people watching.

I ordered a sandwich with chicken, brie, pear, and pesto. It came with fries, and it was rather tasty though I have to say that it was a bit too oily because of the oil from the pesto and the oil from the melted brie.

After lunch, my friend and I walked all the way uptown. We must have walked between 8-10 miles! In the evening, my friend and I met another friend at Alice’s Tea Cup, where we enjoyed that delicious cake in the first picture. I also ate a salad with chicken (I just realized I ate chicken twice today), apples (similar to the pears in my lunch sandwich!), carrots, eggs, and a very good ginger dressing.

I declare this a healthy day!


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  1. cooking with audrey / Jun 26 2012 9:26 pm

    i miss that place so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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