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December 22, 2012 / Food Follower

Home for the Holidays

It’s my second day home, and it sure feels nice. Yesterday, I was very lazy and basically did nothing all day, soaking up my freedom after a rough finals period. But today, I took a different approach and decided to explore the city. I ended up walking over 6 miles despite the blustery weather. I admit I almost got blown over by the wind a few times.

As I was heading home after a full day outside, I passed by the window of Payard, and I just could not resist going inside and taking a closer look at all of the delicious pastries. I caved in and bought a chocolate tart. It was the perfect dessert – not only did it taste amazing but it also was super filling despite the small size. I would call the tart “truffle pie.” The dark chocolate hazelnut center was rich and luscious but not exactly the texture of a mousse (I don’t really like chocolate mouse, so I was happy about this). Really, it was like biting into a nice chocolate truffle. And the crust on the bottom was also very tasty – crunchy but not over-baked.

Two thumbs up, Mr. Payard!





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  1. petit4chocolatier / Dec 23 2012 4:15 pm


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