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December 25, 2012 / Food Follower

Day 1 in Peru

It’s nice to be back in Peru again. The weather is just perfect – 70s with sun and clouds – and the food is great as always. For my first lunch in Peru, I had to have typical Peruvian food. I decided to order ceviche because I was craving fish. Ceviche is raw pieces of fish (mine was sea bass) that are cooked in lemon for 15 minutes. So while not as raw as sushi, the fish has not touched any form of heat (other than spicy peppers). Traditionally, ceviche comes with corn, red onion, and sweet potatoes.


For dessert I had alfajores. These Peruvian cookies have manjar blanco in them (aka dulce de leche). These cookies have grown on me. I used to not even touch them, but I think my inner Peruvian roots have made me start liking them. They are definitely worth trying if you visit.


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