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January 13, 2013 / Food Follower

French Artichoke Soup

Yesterday, I visited my grandmother in Westchester, and we went to my favorite restaurant there – Encore. It’s a little classic French bistro which serves up some really good food and has welcoming decor. There is a poster of a laughing cow (la vache qui rit) on one of the walls which I particularly like.

On the weekends, Encore has a really great three course lunch menu which they vary from week to week. This time, I ordered artichoke soup to start. This soup was very delicious, and I loved the mild lemon background in the broth paired with the artichoke flavor. For my main course, I got coq au vin which is a French chicken stew cooked in red wine. My chicken was literally drenched in a wine sauce (hence the cool dark purple color of the chicken), but it was very tasty and comforting. For dessert, I ate a nutella-filled crepe. You just can’t go wrong with crepes!




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