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March 16, 2013 / Food Follower

Back in MYC

It feels so nice to be on spring break for a week, even though the weather is playing games with me. It’s snowing in the city, and as much as I enjoy snow, it’s mid-March right now, and I would rather it be sunny and warm.

Despite the cold, I went for a walk because if you know me at all, I really love walking. I am a native New Yorker after all. Today is the Saint Patrick’s day parade, so I encountered many people decked out in green. I was wearing a gray coat with a sort of green tint – does that count? (Not that I celebrate Saint Patty’s day…)

I had the brilliant idea to buy cake after my walk. I mean come on, rewards are the best! I walked a couple of miles, and as the snow got stronger, I decided to head home and make a pitstop at Lady M Confections. I had never been, but I heard good things, so as a food follower, I figured I would check it out. (And that’s why I decided to call this post MYC rather than NYC).

Lady M is a very cute bakery and has delicious-looking cakes. I bought a chocolate raspberry cake, though I was really tempted to buy a mont blanc (which has chestnut puree). I will try it next time. I did not regret my pick AT ALL. The cake was chocolatey and awesome and tasted like biting into a large truffle. And it was not too rich – just the way I like it. There was even some praline layer at the bottom, which added a really nice crunch. My one complaint would be that there was not enough jam, so I added more at home. Regardless, it was a very good dessert.

Lady M, you won my heart. Hello MYC, it’s nice to be home.




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