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June 20, 2013 / Food Follower

Night on the Town

My friend and I went out this past weekend to the Stanton social for some prime NYC nightlife. This hip and trendy NYC bar had a nice vibe, though it definitely put a dent in my wallet. I ordered some cranberry gin cocktail (yes that’s right, I drink gin from time to time), which was fairly tasty.

We also split a couple of tapas: red snapper tacos with mango and avocado and ahi tuna on crispy wontons. They were really good, but I wanted the portions to be bigger. (I know they were tapas-sized though, so I obviously knew what I was getting into). All in all, I had a great time.

After drinks and apps, my friend and I explored the east village, mainly looking for a place to eat dinner (we’ve got our priorities straight). We found an Italian restaurant (I forgot the name to be quite frank), and I ordered a meat lasagna. It was so delicious and cheesy. After dinner we ran into some other friends who were five blocks away from us. Anything goes in the big apple.






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