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December 3, 2013 / Food Follower

Lady (yu)M!

I introduced my mom to Lady M last week. Though a bit pricy, Lady M is one of my favorite cake places (cakerie?) in NYC. Their cakes are great quality, and I love all of the flavors I’ve tried there thus far.

This time, I ordered the chestnut mille crêpes, a 20-layer crêpe cake with chestnut cream filling. I don’t like cream very much, but this chestnut cream was outrageously awesome – light, airy, and sweet but not too sweet. My mom ate a Mont Blanc which is chestnut purée on top of cream. I tried it, and really loved the intense chestnut flavor. Can you tell that my mom and I both like chestnuts? Guess the chestnut didn’t fall far from the tree…




Another chestnut cake and a pretty-looking checkered cake

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