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February 18, 2012 / Food Follower

The Delights from a Food Truck

I feel like over the past couple of years, New York City has seen an explosion in popularity of gourmet food trucks. I have tried food from a few food trucks (and it’s been good for the most part). The reason why I am not a food truck addict is that the food is not very cheap. (Though I admit, NYC itself is not a cheap city). I generally like to eat at home, and when I eat out with friends or family, I go to a restaurant where I can sit down comfortably. (Also, eating at a restaurant gives you easy access to a bathroom. One real problem about NYC is the fact that there are not enough public bathrooms).

This dessert, warm molten chocolate cake (do you see the similarity between this post and my last post?) and coffee is from DessertTruck Works, which has both a storefront and a truck. (I ordered this in the store, so that I could sit down and enjoy). The dessert was sweet and savory because of the olive oil ganache center. It was truly an innovative and delicious dessert.

Now that I am in Amherst with no food trucks at my disposal, I can just watch re-runs of the Food Network’s show, The Greatest Food Truck Race.

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  1. thelairweddings / Feb 20 2012 6:32 am

    We only have the ice cream man who rides a modified motorcycle with a portable freezer here in Singapore. Food trucks are an interesting concept!

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