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March 18, 2012 / Food Follower

Cheesecake on the High Line

Today, I had lunch at home. I made a sandwich on wheat bread with guacamole, turkey, tomato, and egg white. Instead of the usual salad on the side, I sauteed some fresh spinach leaves with onions and garlic. These greens were a nice complement to my hearty sandwich.

After lunch, since the weather was so beautiful, my parents and I went to the High Line park. Before reaching our destination, we made a pitstop at Billy’s Bakery. I bought an individual orange cheesecake which was so good – the orange flavor was not overpowering, and it added a fresh citrus note. I ate my dessert on the High Line as I admired the spectacular view of the city.

So worth every calorie even though I felt a bit like these bubbles waiting to burst.

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