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September 13, 2012 / Food Follower

Good Old Reliable

I am finally settled at school and enjoying all of my classes so far! The one thing I am not enjoying is the cafeteria food. I literally eat carbs as my main food group at every other meal – today it was rice, yesterday it was tortellini – you get the picture. I guess I can always fall back on good old reliable carbs.

My meals got me thinking of a particularly good carb dish I had back home – pappardelle pasta with a braised pork ragu.

Pappardelle is one of my favorite types of pasta, and the pork was tender and absolutely delicious. Once I finished my plate of pasta, I scraped the remaining bits of sauce off my plate with (you probably can guess) bread. Go carbs!

It’s a good thing that I started running again. More on my running adventures to come!

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