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March 23, 2013 / Food Follower

BLAT and Bye to NYC

I was contemplating writing this blog post tonight as I sit in my dorm room incapable of moving after stuffing my face with a huge plate of pasta at an Italian restaurant in Amherst. My two friends who came with me can serve as my witnesses. It’s funny because I realized I don’t like reading many food blogs when I’m in college, as I am too disappointed with the cafeteria food, and the beautiful food photos would only make me realize the food that I’m missing out. But when I am overstuffed, I don’t like thinking about food either.

Cutting to the chase, I went to a French restaurant with my cousin near Columbia, and the food was really good! I ordered a BLT (BLAT really because it had avocado in it). I guess that’s not very French, but it came with a huge side of french fries (French?), which of course I finished.

Farewell NYC, see you in May.



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