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May 22, 2014 / Food Follower

The Montague Bookmill

With less than 3 days till my college graduation, I am trying to make the most of my undergraduate experience. I know a lot of my friends have bucket lists of things they want to complete before they graduate. I tried to make a list at the end of my junior year, and I couldn’t think of many activities that I needed to do before I finished college and moved on to the next chapter (no punn intended… you will see why later in the paragraph) of my life. I think I do not work well with lists. One place I’ve heard raves about from other Amherst students for a while now is the Montague Bookmill, a used book store located in an old flour and grain mill. The Bookmill is a few miles away from Amherst, yet until Sunday, I had never gone there since it is not convenient to get there without a car (I’m not sure if there is a bus that goes there). While I would not go out of my way to visit the Montague Bookmill, I admit it is a very quaint, lovely spot to stop by if you have a free day.

My friends and I browsed through the used books, and we later ate at the café there which is called the Lady Killigrew. I ordered a sandwich with brie, apricot jam, and sliced apples. It was so tasty! The bread was toasted, and the brie melted in my mouth. When I bit into the sandwich, I tasted the sweetness from the apricot jam which was not too overpowering. The jam paired very well with the brie, and then a couple of seconds later, I was hit with the tartness from the apples. I will definitely try and replicate this sandwich at home. The sandwich came with a side of salad, which I think had a dressing based of soy sauce. I definitely recommend this dish if you ever get the change to visit!






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