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September 22, 2012 / Food Follower

Pastry at the Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday morning, there is a farmers’ market in the town of Amherst. I’ve walked by the market a couple of times this semester never feeling the urge to stop and buy something. It might be because the apples are pretty good in the cafeteria these days, and I generally buy apples at farmers’ markets. But today was a new day – I really wanted to look around and possibly make a purchase.

My eyes hit the bread and pastries tent. Are you actually surprised? Can you guess what I got?

I bought a chocolate croissant. It was quite pricey, but so well worth it. The pastry dough was light and flakey, and the chocolate inside was delicious. I ate my croissant in my room with some green tea.


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  1. myhealthyohana / Sep 24 2012 7:13 pm

    Looks flaky and delicious…I love farmers market and can never resist the breads!!

    • Food Follower / Sep 24 2012 10:08 pm

      It was superb! I can’t wait to go again next weekend.

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